Property & Asset Management

Aquisitions, disposals, leases and agreements – all the key legal data at your fingertips.

Designed for the busy estates professional, this module stores all essential estates data keeping you abreast of changes within your property and asset portfolio.

Easy-to-use screens and uncomplicated data structure makes this package ideal for all skill levels. The reporting mechanism is equally intuitive providing easy access and low maintenance of data, keeping administrative overheads to a minimum.

The package is a must for those seeking to get the best from their estate building stock and now includes – free of charge – a fully-auditable HSG264 and HSG227-compliant asbestos register. Current versions have enhanced reporting tools and conform to the NHS risk-adjusted backlog maintenance methodology.

Screen templates are available for direct use with our WebMadeSimplemodule.

Current versions now include enhanced reporting tools and conform fully to the NHS ‘Risk Adjusted’ backlog maintenance methodology.


Features & Benefits

  • Lease and licence monitoring – monitor, view and retrieve all details faster via a standard format.
  • Sales and purchase progress reports – easy reporting.
  • Strategic documentation tools – store and access everything relating to leases, purchases and sales on a building-by building basis.
  • Full rental history tracking – store and view details of all payments made with dates and balances, along with an overview of current balance status.
  • Key date reminders – view lease, licence, purchase and rental data on one screen.

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We have a wide variety of client profiles across the public sector and in corporate environments. Find out more by reading case studies and testimonials from established users of our ESTATE SUITE software solutions.

Case Studies

The restructuring of the health service in the Republic of Ireland gave the opportunity to establish a nationwide property register. The Health Service Executive’s project manager, Gerry Hanley, explains how the process had been achieved..

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NHS Scotland have renewed their contract for the second 4 year term – using several modules of ESTATE Suite and confirming their confidence in the quality and reliability of the 3i Studio software solutions.